The Silver Dimes


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Engaging and solid electric blues music with an original sound and energetic stage act.


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An exploration to the boundaries of blues and roots music, without losing the originality and enthousiasm.

The band took their time to create original new music and explore the boundaries of blues and roots music, without losing the feel of the first EP. Most songs were born spontaneously during rehearsals with every member adding a personal touch. To keep the music as alive as possible, the whole cd was recorded live in the studio within 3 days!

The cd knows a great deal of variance, with referals to the music of legendary blues perfomers as The Red Devils, BB King, Albert King, Link Wray, Otis Rush, Muddy Waters, Johnny Guitar Watson, Howlin Wolf and others.

With the new cd the band hopes to fulfil expectations of fans and followers. The cd contains 10 original songs and a cover of the great slow blues 'Double Trouble' by Otis Rush. Totaly different are the funky 'Always Stay (Never Go Away)' and the swinging 'You Don’t Do That No More'. The solid 'Copper Cat Blues' refers to the bands' first gig in brewery The Copper Cat (De Koperen Kat).. Slowing down with three emotional songs, 'Doin’ Time', 'She’s Gone' and 'Blues Won’t Leave Me Alone'. 'Electifying', 'Better Man' and 'Someday I´ll Stay' are heavy and energetic shuffles and presents the same energy as the band shows live on stage. The same goes for the last song, the angry uptempo 'Time To Go'.