The Silver Dimes


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Engaging and solid electric blues music with an original sound and energetic stage act.

Copper Cat Blues


Our very first gig was at the Blues Festival in Delft in 2016, we were booked in ‘De Koperen Kat’. It turned out to be a local beer brewery in an old industrial complex outside of Delft. We were stunned by the place, a bar that is surrounded by the brewery, the big copper kettles behind the bar, as if the beer is brewed on the spot when you order!

The stage was made outside in a big door opening, protected from the cold with plastic(!). It was in February, so actually it was freezing, especially for the drummer. But we were eager to play, and despite the cold, from the first note, the band was on fire!

It was a great start for us, we only started a few months before, were completing our EP ‘No Cure No Pay’ and featured already in a great blues festival.

Weeks later, Hank Six and Ron joined to work on material, and while drinking some heavy beer from ‘De Koperen Kat’ we came up with the jumpy shuffle ‘Copper Cat Blues’. After some nice additions by the rest of the band our first song was complete, inspired by great beer. Of course the song could not be left out of the new cd ‘Electrifying’!